Why You Need to Hire Professional Infographic Designers For Business Needs?

Infographics are a great way to show big numbers, introduce business ideas and share information in an interesting manner. While its multiple uses have added to its popularity, every Infographic doesn’t capture the attention of viewers. Businesses and established brands hire professional Infographic design companies to make sure their effort makes a splash.

In this post, you get to know why professionals are favored for the task;

Creativity along with professionalism

Companies that offer the service of making data look beautiful nurture creative talent to create unique work. However, just imaginativeness is not enough. Professionalism is equally required to make sure that your ideas also find place in the design work. Such balance is furnished by experienced design firms offering custom Infographic design services.

Risk minimization

Trusting your Infographic design with an unknown name will increase the risk of monetary loss. An experienced design firm with fair number of projects to show and published works is a safer bet. Businesses and brands join hands with companies that have good portfolio and expertise to show; a company like FATbit can be the best deal.

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Delivery at record time

An Infographic is challenging from the point of creativity but this doesn’t mean you have to wait for weeks to get the final version. While making sure that quality remains top-class, a team of experienced designers can send you the final draft within few days. Hire expert Infographic designers to get quality in record time.

Budget is a big factor for small businesses, considering they cannot spare thousands of dollars for just one graphic work. Such business owners and entrepreneurs can hire affordable Infographic design experts to get the work done at a small budget.


Join hands with expert team of designers and get your Infographic made at just $199! Get in touch with professional designers to discuss your Infographic needs.

We hope that this post will help you in making the right decision about infographic design company. Stay tuned for similar posts and ideas!



Best & Affordable SEO Plans in India

Strategies devised by us for a travel business website, Maldives Traveller, benefited it marvellously by generating more visitors and displaying significant jump in revisits and average time spent. Our experts indulge in thorough product/services and consumer behaviour analysis before the keyword research to bring up the best optimizing plan.

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There is an algorithm that decides which sites will appear above and which get trailed behind. Our experts will give you a breakthrough from the complexities that Google puts across. Learn below what our SEO packages do for the clients to make their websites visible on top positions:

  • Focused planning to improve organic rankings that brings relevant traffic to a website
  • Applying tactics that eliminate fluctuations
  • Engaging visitors with quality

Our optimizing plans are designed according to various needs of a business website. Offering apt and industry specific SEO solutions for your business is our foremost concern. This is why we have formulated packages as per the size and business requirements of websites.

You are miscalculating if you think that your buyers will find you themselves. To get found by your target users online, you have to be in their sight and to meet this, remaining on top of the search engine rankings is a must.

Web page optimization services include:

  • Initial website analysis
  • Keywords and competitors analysis research
  • Content, title and meta tags optimization, Image optimization, Anchor text optimization
  • Off page optimization which includes article submission, guest blogging, forum posting, press releases etc.

By putting all these activities to use, you can secure your place over WWW and enjoy long term gains.

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Deeply Integrated Educational Websites – The Call of Times

Designing a website for an educational institution is quite unlike designing for mostly everything else. What may be acceptable in a website for, say, designer bags and many other products, would just not have the gravitas and seriousness required for an educational one.

It’s like this: the product, education, is also sold. Everybody wants it, and everybody wishes to have the best. What you need to look out for when you are hiring a professional for an educational website is the purpose and the stature of your university, school or institution. And as a specialized educational website design company, the focus of the website cannot primarily be upon the benefits of the education the institution will impart, but has to be on what differentiates this particular institution from the multitudes that exist.

Focusing on differentiation

Therefore, educational website design companies must lay emphasis upon these aspects: on the various courses that you have on offer and the premier faculty that you’ve hired to teach those courses. The site will help the potential student or family explore the campus, the lush grounds, the various sports and other amenities. The site will also endeavour to illustrate how your top-of-the-line studio or stage helps students reach their full potential.

While doing so, a well-designed educational website will provide links and references to alumni who, having utilized the various resources of the school, flourished and became exceedingly distinguished outside its walls.

Furthermore, the website will aim to establish the school’s culture through photographs or even videos about major events at school, such as celebration of festivals, sports, annual functions, convocations, etc. All this will help establish the uniqueness of your institution, and perhaps differentiate it from the many others that compete with you.

The Dual Focus of an institutional website

Beyond this, the website must contain a lot of practical everyday data such as listing of school rules, procedures and the like. Along with that, a good site will extensively document how to apply for admission to any said institute. These sort of things make it easier for a prospective student to acclimatize to your institution, and it’s quite likely that the more usable they found the website, the more likely they are to visit for updates and other information, from time to time.

Unlike the way a lot of current educational web design packages do, a good education website cannot skimp on the design, but also needs to retain usability. The careful amalgamation of the two is essential: too flashy, and a number of serious students can be driven off; too unusable, and it won’t present an attractive enough front to those still wondering which institution to attend.

This is why FATbit, one of the best bets on the cyber space, ensures their school website design packages for education institution takes into careful consideration everything from the size of your campus, to the focus of your students.

It deeply integrates all these aspects into the various design choices they make, to provide you with a website with impeccable design that is entirely focused towards enticing the prospective student into discovering all the wonderful things your institute has to offer. FATbit Technologies, a pacesetter, also offers other exciting e Solutions to a global audience.

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